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App sucks

Got the new app store that apple had to push a couple hundred megs of OS patch for.

Interface is laggy and slow. Doing everything via html or similar is dumb.

Found something I might want to buy. Clicked buy.

Apple says: you can't buy, you need an ID first. Take the money, morons!

To get an ID, I need to agree to 6 pages of legalese? App store goes in trash. Empty trash.
cycling bikekwak

Tea tasting - 1 Ti Quan Yin

Today I embarked on some tea ratings.

Deep bought every single sampler from adagio, so we're going to work through them.

First up is the Iron Goddess of Mercy, romanized as Tie Guan Yin, or Ti Kwan Yin, or other things. Sometimes it's translated as the Iron Goddess of Mercy, which I always vaguely associate with BSDM, myself, but.. that aside. Properly: 铁观音.

I've had many variations of the Ti Quan Yin over the years. Some of them more flowery, some of them flavored with oil, some close variations with green tea. It's perhaps the most common oolong category in the world.

This particular sample has the mild grassy notes I enjoy, and a bit of the flower. It's moderate on the astringency, which I enjoy in other teas, but never really loved in a Ti Quan Yin. Particularly a delight on the rear palate, I would give this tea a 7 on the personal enjoyment scale.